Are you feeling overwhelmed in your home?

Let me help you with that
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Are you feeling overwhelmed in your home, burdened by clutter, frustrated by the lack of homes for your stuff or the lack of systems to keep your household running smoothly? Do you feel ready for a change but find it difficult to either get started or stay focused? You have come to the right place!

Managing your household, your finances, and your children are unavoidable realities of life, but with clearly defined systems and less clutter, these activities don’t need to consume all of your free time. Let Sorted Nest streamline your home so that you can make time for the things in life that you truly value – family, friends, fun, community, travel, professional pursuits, the list goes on. I have helped lots of busy professionals and families to transform their homes and lives, and I’d love to help you, too!

Step 1

Schedule Phone Consultation

Let’s Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation. We can talk about your specific challenges and goals and create a plan that works best for your schedule.

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Step 2

Select Your Service

In-Person Organizing

  • Do you live in the San Diego Area?
  • Would you like hands-on assistance with your organizing project?

How it Works:

1 Hour In-Home Assessment
We will walk through your home and evaluate your challenges, your goals, and create an action plan including a “rough” time estimate to complete your project. We will review package options, make a selection, and schedule your sessions right then.

Organizing Sessions
All sessions are 3-hours at a minimum to 6-hours at a maximum. I come with basic supplies and can provide containers at cost if they are deemed necessary. We work together to clear your clutter and create systems that work best for you in your space. All donations are removed at the end of the session. I am there to manage the organizing project, motivate you, listen to your questions and concerns, support your decision making, give you ideas, empower you to learn new organizing skills, and hopefully add some fun and levity to an often daunting task.

Package Options
Pricing is hourly, and I offer 9, 15, 21, and 30-hour packages. You can also just pay as you go. We will do a needs analysis and determine the best fit for you during your In-Home Assessment.

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Virtual Organizing

  • Do you live outside of the San Diego Area?
  • Are you only available to organize in the evenings and/or on Sundays?
  • Do you feel motivated to do the majority of the work on your own but would like guidance, tips, and weekly accountability check-ins?
  • Are you organizing on a limited budget?

How it Works:

Purchase your Virtual Package here

Virtual Packages

Fill out the on-line assessment form
and email me pictures of your spaces to be organized.

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30 min or 1 Hour Video Chat Assessment
We will walk through your home or designated space virtually, evaluate your challenges, your goals, and create an action plan.

30 min Weekly Video Chat Check-Ins
Evaluate your progress, address any specific challenges that have come up over the week, share tips and suggestions, and create a plan for the next step.