Paper Organizing


Do you have trouble locating important documents?

Do you scramble to clear surfaces of paper before guests arrive?

Do you have the nagging feeling you forgot to deal with something?

Do you feel helpless when it comes to creating paper systems that work for you?

Do you dread opening the mailbox or your child’s backpack?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions and are feeling the paper pain YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Many people are lost when it comes to how to manage their household papers.  It’s really no surprise since this is not something that the average person is trained to do in school or by their parents.  I can help!  We will address every single type of paper in your home from bills to receipts, from medical docs to loan docs, from kid homework to take out menus.  All the paper in your life either needs to be read, requires further action, should be filed, or should be shredded or recycled.  We will create the right system for you and your household’s needs so that you will never be drowning in paper again.  When you open your file cabinet to retrieve an important tax document, insurance policy, or paid invoice you will know EXACTLY where to look. Since I am Freedom Filer System Certified, we can incorporate this amazing maintenance-free filing system.  Clear your paper clutter, start fresh with an easy to use system, and manage your papers with ease from now on. Call today to get started!

“Beth provided exactly what I was looking for and needed to start getting organized at home. She went through all my piled up paperwork (years worth) with me and helped me learn to sort through it using RAFT boxes. I am very clear now on what things I will keep and file and what is not necessary to hold onto. I enjoy being in my home so much more now. I know where all my paperwork is. I found something I was looking for on the first try last week! And I don’t have that feeling that I’m (still) putting off something I should be doing; therefore I’m truly able to relax during my down time and I’m more motivated to go do things in my free time.”  – Maureen G.