Organizing Services

Kids Rooms/Nurseries – Children’s bedrooms are some of the most dynamic spaces in the home.  From organizing baby clothes and furniture and all that baby gear before the arrival of your new baby, to a room filled with toys, to homework spaces, and all of their personal expressions, the constant maintenance can be pretty overwhelming.  This area of the home is truly a passion of mine, though.  I love setting up nurseries, organizing children’s clothing, children’s toys, creating homework/art spaces.  I also love getting the kids involved.  I am happy to include your school-aged and older child in the project as well to teach them the skills they need to organize their own space.

Home Offices/Household Paper Systems – Can’t find your child’s permission slip?  Late paying your bills?  Dreading preparing for tax time?  Or just sick of looking at all of those random paper piles?  Whether you have a dedicated room, a desk in the corner of the living room or bedroom, or a counter-top stacked with papers, it is time to declutter and organize ALL THAT PAPER! Let’s create personalized systems for managing your mail, bills, school papers, kid art work, family calendars, lists and all the other paper that passes through your household.

Kitchens – When was the last time you easily prepared a meal in your kitchen? I can help you create a better work flow in your kitchen, personalize the layout of your cabinets, and clear out extra food clutter.

Bedrooms – Is your bedroom piled high with clothing?  Is your clothing closet bursting at the seams?  How much stuff is piled on your nightstand?  Or is everything tucked under your bed?  Let me help you clear your clothing clutter, organize your closets, clear out those nightstands, put away those clothing piles, and reclaim your bedroom as the peaceful, romantic escape it was meant to be.

Closets – Are your closets filled to the brim?  Perhaps you don’t even know what half the stuff shoved inside is? I will help you clear unwanted items and reconfigure the space so that your closets can become your most valued organizing containers.

Bathrooms – How many people share your bathroom(s)? Are you holding on to products, accessories, and medications that are no longer being used? I will help you clear cabinet and counter-top clutter and make space for everyone to use the bathroom efficiently.

Laundry – Is your laundry cleaning and clothing storage system working for you? Let me help you take control by devising a system that works for your lifestyle and your home. And the next time you go to get yourself or your children dressed you will know that the clothes that fit and that you want to be wearing are front and center where you can find them.

Play Rooms – Whether your kids have a dedicated playroom, or a corner in the bedroom or living room, let’s make this space inviting and also easy to maintain. We can devise a system that makes clean up more engaging for the kids and a load off for mom and dad.

Living Rooms – Is your living room overrun with shoes, clothing, toys, papers, magazines, and more? I will help you create personalized systems to keep the clutter at bay, organize your living space, and turn your living room into an inviting, relaxing place for friends and family to gather.

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