Organizing Children’s Bedrooms/Nurseries



Kids sure come with a lot of STUFF!  From ever-changing clothing sizes, to changes in appropriately aged toys and books, to arts and crafts, and more… Children’s rooms are some of the most dynamic of all spaces in your home, and since they are inhabited by adorably messy little creatures, it can seem IMPOSSIBLE to keep clutter at bay and maintain any semblance of organization.   As a mother of two kids myself, I can definitely relate to your struggle.  Here is what we will do in a typical kid’s room organizing session:

1. Sort through each type of item putting like items together: Shoes, clothing, toys (in individual categories), books, etc.

2. Purge unneeded items: Donate, store for younger siblings, trash broken items

3. Assign Homes: Create zones in your child’s room for specific activities such as clothing storage, toy area, reading area, etc.  Based on your child(ren)’s current interests, create easily accessible systems (read “easy to get out AND put away).

4. Containerize: Now is the time to decide on containers, once we know what you are keeping and where it will “live.”

5. Equalize: Maintain this system by including your children in a quick, daily clean up of all of their stuff.  Now that everything has a home and we have purged unnecessary stuff, the process should be quick and painless (not that our more dramatic little ones won’t feign illness or injury at clean-up time).



Beth helped me immensely! I’m getting to the end of my pregnancy and my nursery was still a mess until Beth helped us. From a room we avoided, she turned it into a room we go into daily, just to imagine what it will be like to have the baby sleep in there.  All the furniture and baby items are in place.
– Sarah J.

Pregnancy and the anticipation of a new arrival can be a very overwhelming time.  First time moms may find (as I did) that they are unsure of where to begin in setting up a space for their new baby to sleep and be nursed and cared for.  Mom’s expecting their second and beyond, though more seasoned, may be concerned that they do not have the time to prepare or the space to accommodate more than one little one in their home.  The amount of stuff that comes with a new baby can be astonishing.  My goal is to help alleviate any stress surrounding getting organized for your new baby. Hiring a Professional Organizer to assist in setting up your nursery is a great New Mom Gift, too!  Here is what we will do in a typical organizing session:

1. Advice on furniture layout and “workflow” in your nursery or within a dual-purpose room.

2. Sorting and placement of every item of clothing, toiletry, gadget or toy received as a gift or hand-me-down for your little one.

3. General guidance and knowledge on organizing baby stuff from a compassionate fellow mother.

As a mom I know that asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing to do and last on our priority lists.  One mother that I will never forget  was in tears upon my arrival with a disorganized guest room filled with baby shower gifts.  After a single 3-hour organizing session we were able to transform the room into an organized nursery where mom could sit and peacefully dream of baby’s impending arrival.