Happy New Year from Sorted Nest!  The start of the New Year is always so exciting and inspiring!  Possibilities abound, and the air is swirling with potential.  Everyone is talking about their new goals for the year and how they are going to make themselves, their health, their finances, their relationships, etc. etc., a higher priority this year.  As a wife and mother my goals usually sound a lot like “I want to do more yoga, eat better, have more patience with the kids, spice up the romance…” As a business owner I say, “I want to grow my business this year, become more educated in my field, exude more confidence,” etc, etc.  Usually somewhere between Jan 1st and the first day my kids go back to school, I realize that it will be no small feat to carve out enough time for myself without getting the feeling that I’m abandoning my family.  And then there’s the house and its myriad of time-sucking tasks.  The self-imposed guilt that mothers bear can be paralyzing.  And so the natural impulse to go back into the survival-mode of running the household and caring for our families wins.  Those goals and dreams for the new year, though perhaps not thrown out completely, take a back-burner to the need to just get through each day without losing our minds.  By mid-January everyone is laughing cynically about their “resolutions,” and we all return to our old habits and routines.

So I am proposing a change to this century’s old tradition.  Rather than Jan 1st, I propose we set our New Year’s resolutions on Feb. 1st.  Imagine if we built in a little prep-time the first month of the New Year to get organized – homes, offices, schedules, heads.  All future planning on hold, we focus on purging the past and all the unnecessary physical and mental baggage that comes with it.  Get to the present.  On February 1st, we all declare our New Year’s Resolutions with a clean slate, ready to move forward.

In the organizing world, January is known as GO Month, or Get Organized Month.  It’s perfect.  I dare you to find me one New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t require organization in order to execute.  You want to get fit?  You will need to find your workout clothes, schedule time to fit in exercise on a regular basis, and organize your finances so that you can invest in a gym membership or yoga classes.  You want to eat better?  You will need to purge your pantry of temptations, find time to organize a meal plan or a grocery list, shop, prep, and cook healthier meals.  You want to start saving money?  You will need to organize your budget, track your spending, set financial goals, stop spending money on items that you already have and can’t find in your home.  Organizing your life is VITAL to strategizing and following through on EVERY SINGLE RESOLUTION.  At the end of a month of mental and physical clutter clearing, I promise you will have a much better sense of what you do and don’t want for yourself and where you want to go in the coming year.

So confidently stake your claim to the month of January and your commitment to getting organized.

1. De-clutter and organize your closets.

2. Get rid of kid’s toys and clothing that are no longer needed.

3. Clear out your kitchen of useless utensils and out-dated food.

4. Clear excess paper from your home and create a better system for finding the things you really do need.

5. Evaluate how you are spending your time, and how each activity and relationship fits with your current self.

6. And if it all sounds too overwhelming – CALL FOR HELP!

Purge unwanted clutter.  Let go of the past. Breathe. Find your Center. Be where you are right now. And then, from a place of TRUTH and SELF-KNOWING, make those resolutions.  And a solid plan for executing them.  This is your year and it starts now.